director of photography MIKE WASHLESKY edited by DAVID FABELO
music composer ADAM BLAU associate producer ANGELA K. PIRES
executive producer TOM BORDERS produced by CHRIS OHLSON
produced and directed by JOHN BRYANT

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Jason comes home for Christmas and his arch-rival brother, Todd, has a big surprise waiting for him -- but it's not a gift. It's secret information: The reason why Jason has always been the "least favorite" child, and it sends our hero on a hilarious cross-country journey to find out the truth about himself and his family.



Golf can be frustrating. Even the best players have days when the fairways seem like cracks in a vast expanse of hazards. Bruce is an avid golfer and stands to teach the world a thing or two: about golf and life. His outlook is positive, his golf game influential and his fate certain.

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MEAT ON THE HOOF (in development)

"They raise cattle and football players in Texas. The cattle are better treated."

Meat on the Hoof is a weekday look at Saturday’s heroes in which Gary Shaw debunks the myth of American college football’s “Supermale”. Gary Shaw was a high-school football star in Denton, Texas, recruited by Darrel Royal as a lineman in the 60’s. But all along the line he had a vague uneasy feeling that something was wrong.


ONE FAT SUMMER (in development)

Based on the book of same title by Robert Lipsyte
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While most people are happy to take off their heavy jackets and long pants, Bobby can't even button his jeans or reach over his belly to touch his toes. Spending the summer at Rumson Lake is sheer torture.

This particular summer promises to be worse than usual. His best friend, Joanie, goes home to New York City and won't tell him why. Dr. Kahn, a rich, stingy estate owner who hires him to manage an enormous lawn, is working him to death. And to top it off, a local bully won't stop torturing him.

Bobby is about to find out just how terrifying and exhilarating one fat summer can be.