Sixth Street Films is a film production company based in Austin, Texas. It was created with the objective of making money. Kidding? Just a little. Our goal, as a tightly knit company, is to make exciting, economically viable feature films. See? Good film, money, more good films, more money...

Tom Borders is the cofounder of Borders Book Shops. But this is not something that you would know by talking to him for the first time. Honestly, I was working with him for more than a month and he never mentioned it. OK, I guessed by the name, but hey, not all the Borders are founders of Borders Books. So it took me few more months to learn that he is also the Executive Producer of the 1998 feature film “Side Streets”, that he chairs the Advisory Council of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at The University of Texas, and that he is the President of Midtown Group Inc.

Angela K. Pires was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She never made a film at the age of 8, didn’t even have a camera. In fact, she wanted to be a veterinarian. Then, like 80% of the teenage girls, she decided she would be an actress, famous and glamorous. Her greatest accomplishment from her acting career was to recognize she had no talent at all to be an actress. She moved on, but not from the film scene. She went behind the cameras, as assistant director, and later moved to the editing room. So this is the point where her official bio starts:

In 1994 she began her career as editor, working mainly with advertising. In 1999 she moved to fiction and documentaries films, working as both editor and director.

She edited The Invention of Childhood, winner of 17 awards, including Best Editor and Best Film. She wrote and directed The Color White, winner of 16 awards, including Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director and received a Special Mention from the Jury at Berlin Film Festival.

In 2001 Ms. Pires moved to Austin, Texas, where she edited Born in Brazil, The Package, The Prison and The Street, Better Golf With Bruce, and Lasting Images.

Ms. Pires now dreams of being a famous and glamorous film editor and film producer.